Metafit-What Our Clients Say

54321 – this count down never meant quite so much to me before I tried metafit last autumn in a desperate bid to get fit and avoid the colds and apathy of the winter months.  So in addition to my usual gentle jog round the duck pond in the park I have tried 1 or 2 sessions a week of metafit for the last 6 months and well, what can I say – it really works.  A winter of feeling more energetic, no colds (hooorah) and a ski holiday which was transformed by my now extra strong legs – a long shush down a lovely blue run produced not even a twinge from my thighs which would normally be burning by that point.

So try it – then you too can understand the significance of the count down; oh and yes it does hurt a bit but you know what they say about no pain……………Vanessa 

Metafit has really done wonders for me.
Having the two monkeys (my children) makes it hard to do as much exercise as I would like but metafit being such a short workout (30 mins) has made it more achievable. Also once I started I found the motivation it has given me has enabled me to put more time aside for training!

The benefits are both physical and psychological.
I have lost at least 2st since starting metafit and feel much stronger. This has made me feel much better about myself and my body image.

I feel it has also increased my stamina in running. having done a 10k recently with not as much running in my training as I would have liked I still ran a good time and felt comfortable through it I even managed a sprint at the end! This I put down to the meta fit training that I did in the run-up to the race. From a psychological point of view I kept telling myself during the run that I was not suffering as much as I do in metafit therefore I can keep going! I feel so much more confident in my physical capabilities that I have entered the Reigate half marathon something I never thought I would want to do ( post children!).

The only down side to metafit is it is addictive!…………………………… Laura