Metafit Interval Training

metafit bodyweight training reigate

The Metafit™ bodyweight training system is effective and simple.
To burn fat you need to change your resting metabolism. Metafit™ does this by working big muscle groups with high intensity intervals thereby giving you quick results.

Read what our clients say about their Metafit experience!

The Metafit workout can be a group class or a 1:1/personal training session. Created by a former Royal Marine Commando and a national gymnast, Metafit™ combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest interval and Tabata techniques to set the metabolism on fire, all set to a killer sound track!

Emphasis of the exercise is on technique and quality of movement not speed or number of reps!

No expensive kit is required for this workout.

“The Metafit 30 minute bodyweight training system gets results! it is a functional and effective, metabolic workout that will change the way you train”

Group Classes are £6.50 per session booked in advance.

For more information or to book a free trial session please call Rob on 01737 765335 or E-mail